28.10.2015 Thank you to the Speicher in Ueckermünde for the sold out show


16.10.2015 Thank you to Künstlertreff in Nalbach for the sold out evening


13.10.2015 Thank you to Radio Fips "Ein Abend über Bob Dylan" is now as live CD recording available


5.9.2015 Danke an Burg Stettenfels for the sold out show


6.8.2015 Thank you to "Die Kirche unterwegs" for the show


26.8.2015 Am 28.8.2015 gibt es den re-release meiner Alben "Better World" und "Waiting for this train". Check out your local itunes store and have a listen. Danke an sevenus media for their support!


26.8.2015 2 more days to go for my re-release of "Better world" and "Waiting for this train". Thank you toi sevenus media for their support. Check out you local itunes store.


30.6.2015 Happy and proud to announce I signed a cooperation with seven us media and be working together in the future. Thank you to the whole team and Hansi Derer!


14.12.2014 Thank you to Thomas Müller und REWE for the great soccer event in Munich during the event "Meet Thomas Müller". Fotos soon to be released.


13.12.2014 Check out the new song of the Mira Wunder Band and the video that was now released. Thank you for being a part of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx5swpwTARg

12.12.2014 Substanz FM, Munich, Radio Fips Göppingen, and Cafè Haag Tübingen were the last tour dates this year. Thank you to all the people I met this year and could work with. See you next year on the road!

18th November 2014 This week I play with the "Misssteaks" at the Akademiker in Munich at 10 pm Saturday 22nd. Next day I am off to play at the Country Friends Koetz in Birkenried at 2 pm. Later at night I am guest in the americana show of radio free FM in my hometown Ulm presenting my new album "Waiting for this train".


15th October 2014 The next show will be an album release show for "Waiting for this train" on 12.11.2014 at the Hot Shot/Munich together with Pro7 "Keep your light shining" winner Fabian Bruck. I am honored to play with Fabian this show. I am looking forward seeing you all there.


15th October 2014 The new album "Waiting for this train" is now available for order on this site. The album was produced by Grammy Award Winner and Bob Dylan producer Malcolm Burn in Kingston, New York. Digital release will be announced. Have a prelistening here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBO7UXmi20A

26th September 2014 Great to announce my new PR Agency. Hauspresse will represent me in all PR matters in the future http://www.hauspresse.de/


23rd September 2014 nice show at the Cotton Club in Hamburg 1st Jazz Club in Hamburg. Thank you to Colbinger and Melody Found you were great!!

22nd September 2014 thank you Munich you were a great audience at the Vereinsheim cozy place in the middle of the heart of Schwabing

20th September 2014 thank you Radio Tide FM and Mr Thomas Steinbrecher for hosting me on your show presenting my new album "Waiting for this train"

have a prelistening to my new album "Waiting for this train" and the song "A girl I used to know" recorded this summer with Bob Dylan producer Malcolm Burn in Kingston New York: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBO7UXmi20A&feature=youtu.be


new shows announced: on the 23 rd September 2014 I`ll be playing the legendary Cotton Club in Hamburg with Colbinger und Melody Found. curious if the spirit of the Beatles is still around there. Happy to be back in my 2nd hometown. On the 21 st September 2014 I`ll be at the Tide Radio Hamburg giving a radio concert presenting my new album recorded this summer with Malcolm Burn in New York.

Looking forward seeing you all on the Road!


8th of August 2014 back from Kingston, New York where I recorded my new album with Malcolm Burn. The mixing of the new reocord is in progress. Release date of my new album will be announced soon. Stay tuned.


25th June 2014 blessed and proud to announce my 3rd studio album will be produced by Grammy Award winner Malcolm Burn (Daniel Lanois, Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, Emmylou Harris, Midnight Oil, Chris Whitley) in New York. What an amazing honor! Thank you, danke, thank you, danke! What a gift!


31st May 2014 thank you to Castle Kapfenburg and "The Forum Gold and Silver" for the beautiful concert and thank you to the audience. You were great.

3rd of May Thank you to the Mira Wunder Band for sharing the stage last night with me at the show in Eichstätt. That is german rock! Thank you to everyone who came down to see the show. See you soon.

on the 28th of April I am guest at Radio Free FM in Ulm presenting my new album "Wandering Spirit" at the show "country time"

14/4/2014 tonight I play for "Helping Hands" a charity concert for the child cancer foundation Stuttgart e.V. at the Olga Hospital and the "Blue Room" in Stuttgart

12/4/2014 "Lovers" was awarded the runner up placement at the american songcontest "Song of the year". Thank you very much.

5/1/2014 I am proud to announce that the 2nd studio album ist out now and available on itunes and amazon.
It is called "Wandering Spirit". Please check it out and enjoy some beautiful guitar tunes folk style. The single "The sky played Hollywood" is on air in the US, GB, New Zealand and France and the Netherlands.
The album "Better World" is on air in the USA, GB, New Zealand, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany and Canada on several stations. Thank you so much!
In the Netherlands "Better World" is selected album of the month on Terneuzen FM.

The new single "The sky played Hollywood" is now available on itunes

The new unplugged album will be out this fall. For more information stay tuned....and come back soon...

The complete "Better World" is now available on Amazon and Itunes.


20.7.2013 The 2014 THISSFest international singer- songwriter festival in Den Haag is confirmed. I`ll be performing in the Netherlands. check it out on www.thissfest.org


22.3.2013 The album "Better World" is out now!
Please go to music and listen to "Lovers" and "Rock'n Roll Life"….

The album is an acoustic album influenced by folk and acoustic rock. Enjoy!

You can order it by sending an email to management@hubertusroesch.com

Please check out the tour dates as well.

  the album "Waiting for this train"
here available