On the tracks of Bob Dylan", Berlin 30.5.2015, Zimmer 16

Hubertus Rösch reflects on this night the life of Bob Dylan in his way. From the beginning, when the young songwriter Robert Allen Zimmermann grown up in rural Dulut, Minnesota moved to New York city and recorded his 1st records through the 70`s and 80`s until today influencing the music history like nobody else. The early days then going electric, Hubertus Rösch captures the spirit of the different episodes of Dylan`s life. Hubertus Rösch interpretates the folk musician and the rock poet with the early songs like “Blowin` in the wind” and “The times they are a changing”, “Like a rolling stone” but also songs like “Oh sister” and “going going gone” and “Is your love in vain” till “This dream of you”. Enjoy a great night with personal interpretations of Dylan`s songs.